Netbeans is my IDE of choice at the moment. Therefore I created some Code-Templates and Keyboard-Shortcut-Settings for the work with Symfony and Symfony2.
You can preview the current available commands and templates in the cheat-sheet.

Download for Symfony2
Netbeans-Settings-File (V.3.0, 2011-04-14)
CheatSheet (V.3.0, 2011-04-14)

Download for Symfony 1.x
(V.2.0, 2010-04-19)
(V.2.0, 2010-04-19)

For installing the Settingsfile just open the Netbeans Options-Dialog (Tools->Options)and click “Import”

11 responses to Netbeans

  1. Great idea ! Thanks.
    There is just an error on your “foreach” code template (endif).

  2. I don’t see the “Tools>Options” on Netbeans 6.8 Mac

  3. @Daniel: You can find it under Netbeans->Settings

  4. Thanks for the settings file, this sure will come in handy :) !

  5. The long waited Doctrine code completion support for IDE’s (including Netbeans) is not a dream by now! See this plugin:

    I know it is not the correct place to comment however the audience of this blog perhaps will be happy to hear this news.

  6. Hey it’s very useful thanks!!

    But i have a problem using the code templates because its don’t appear and i don’t know why. Please help me. i’m ready have imported netbeans settings file and i can see all of them in the netbeans code templates but i can’t use.

  7. I’ am in the same situation than Kenneth.
    I’ve tried all install Options->Import->Browse->All->OK->Restart IDE
    But I don’t get autocompletion with the code templates!
    My netBeans is 7.0.1.

  8. I got that same problem as Kenneth and Juan… Still no solution ?

  9. how can i use Doctrine in netbeans! by default propel is used!!!?

  10. In NetBeans 7.1.1 the code templates feature was fixed… I’ve created a NetBeans plugin using your and my code templates, you can find more details and download the plugin from here:

  11. Hey guys..netbeans very usefull these things……

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