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sfAmfPlugin 1.5.0 released

11. January 2010 in AMF, Flex, Symfony

Hi all,

I have just released the version 1.5.0 of the sfAmfPlugin.You can get it from here.

The new version brings some fixes and new features. Most noteably:

  • Updated version of SabreAMF inlcuded (latest development version)
  • Symfony 1.3 and 1.4 Support
  • First version of a AMF Service Browser (thanks to Benoît Gouchet)

The plan for the next version shows improvements for Class Mapping, VO and Caching. And I promise to create a better documentation for it…

sfAmfPlugin 1.4.2

5. August 2009 in AMF, doctrine, Flex, General, Symfony

I released a new version of the Symfony-Plugin sfAmfPlugin som hours ago. With the new version the communication between Flex and Symfony is easier than ever.The new version brings big improvements regarding the Doctrine Adapters. Relations between classes are handled better now. The error_reporting is working now as it should and there is a default implementation of a gateway module included.I hope you like it and find it useful. And as always I would like to hear from you if there are bugs or feature requests.Get it while it’s hot :-)Timo

sfAmfPlugin 1.3.0 released

5. May 2009 in AMF, doctrine, Flex, General, Symfony

Just want to inform you that my sfAmfPlugin for Symfony-Flex-Communication was released in version 1.3.0.

Most noticeable changes:

  • Fixing a bug with PHP Strict mode (thanks to Daniel Holmes for spotting this one)
  • Adding the possibility to store the services in all lib-folders of a project (app, module, project, plugins)
  • Fixing different bugs with AMF conversion of Doctrine objects (thanks to Patrick Schirch for bugging me about them)

I’m still working to get the Doctrine support better, there will be much more about this in the next version of the plugin. Class mapping is also a thing I want to improve a lot. So stay tuned and watch out for future versions :-)

sfAmfPlugin 1.2.3 for Flex/Symfony released

16. April 2009 in AMF, Flex, General, Symfony


just for your information: I released the version 1.2.3 of the sfAmfPlugin earlier this day. The new version is a pretty important update so please install the new version.

The most important change is the fix of the bug taht caused problems with the usage of packages for the service classes

Installation as always:

$> symfony plugin:install sfAmfPlugin

If you want more information about the plugin vistit the symfony plugin page or read the the HelloWorld example blog post.


sfAmfPlugin version 1.2.0 released

9. April 2009 in Flex, General, Symfony

Hi all,

i just released the new version 1.2.0 of the AMF-Plugin for Symfony (

There are some new features in this version:

  • Updated SabreAMF to the most current version 1.2.203
  • Added a fix for Service-Classes with packages in the class name
  • More work on comments and documentation
  • Added Symfony 1.2.0 compatibility
  • Added a new commandline-task with that you can create a new Service class

The most important new feature is the new task. You can now create a service class via command line:

$ symfony amf:create-service User will create a file /lib/services/UserService.class.php

$symfony amf:create-service –package=de.shiftup.project User will create  /lib/services/se/shiftup/project/UserService.class.php

Get it while it is hot :-)

As always: Feedback wanted!

Flex with sfAmfPlugin part 2

25. August 2008 in doctrine, Flex, Model, Symfony

Today I released a new version of my sfAmfPlugin for the symfony Framework. Main focus of this release was the support of Doctrine. Now you can transfer Doctrine_Recordset- and Doctrine_Collections directly without mapping the values. As you can see in the following listing there is nothing to do for you to use this feature.

class HelloWorld extends sfAmfService {

  public function sayHello($message) {

    $result = Doctrine::getTable('Menu')->findAll();

    return $result;



So you can transfer your Doctrine classes directly to the Flex-Client.

You can find more information on the Plugin homepage.

I will keep on working on the plugin so stay tuned for upcoming changes :-)

Using sfAmfPlugin part 1

22. August 2008 in Flex, Symfony

As I wrote in my last blog article I on my way to develop my first Symfony application with a Flex fronten. Therefore I’m developing my own Symfony plugin to handle AMF-Service-Calls from the client. For my first steps I used the AMF-PHP library what worked great but has one really big drawback: It has a GPL-License. Cause I developing in a commercial environment GPL isn’t pretty useful for a library. After some googling around a found SabreAMF. SabreAMF is also written in PHP but is more a low level library. But it is fitting my needs so i used it for the first public available version of my Symfony plugin.

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Flex and Symfony

20. August 2008 in Flex, Symfony

For a new upcoming project i was looking for the best way to implement the user interface. Currently there are more alternatives to choose from than ever in the history of developing webbased applications. The following ones were the candidates with the best chances:

1.) AJAX-Pimped HTML interface
This would have been the easiest choice. But this solution laks of a lot of features needed for modern web applications.

2.) ExtJS
I used ExtJS ( for some mid-sized projects in the last months. The quality of the library is impressive. Most of the widgets are high quality solutions. But there are some problems with ExtJS

  •   The license change to GPL offended a lot of developers and is not the best choice for enterprise applications
  •   Developing Javascript-Interfaces with ExtJS takes a lot of time and is somtimes error-prone

3.) qooxdoo
Qooxdoo ( is another JavaScript based Widget-System. Compared with ExtJS there are far less features. Development is driven by one of the largest european hosting provider. The upcoming version 0.8 looks promising but in my opinion this solution is not really ready for enterprise web applications at the moment. For example the Grid-Controll lacks a lot of features that makes the Grid of ExtJS so cool.

4.) Flex
I tried Flex some months ago (Version 2) and at that time I was impressed how easy the development was. The new Version is even better. After playing around with some smaller samples I made the decission to use Flex as a frontend. The productivity in creating the user interface is great so far. It is extensible and the development with Action-Script is pretty easy for everyone who is able to develop JavaScript. With the commercial Flex Builder the development is fast and easy.

I cross my fingers that it scales good for user interfaces of enterprise applications with many windows, masks and informations.

Symfony and Flex
Communication between flex an the backend can be done on different ways. For PHP backend AMF is the best way. Some month ago there was a AMF-Plugin for symfony but it isn’t in the plugin list anymore. So I decided to develop my own.

So far i have a first version (0.1) based on AMFPHP with basic features needed to create Services that are called in Symfony actions. Cause AMFPHP is GPL too i will replace it with another solution. Also Doctrine and Propel-Support is on my TODO-list.

So stay tuned, i will post more informations the next days.