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sfAmfPlugin 1.4.2

5. August 2009 in AMF, doctrine, Flex, General, Symfony

I released a new version of the Symfony-Plugin sfAmfPlugin som hours ago. With the new version the communication between Flex and Symfony is easier than ever.The new version brings big improvements regarding the Doctrine Adapters. Relations between classes are handled better now. The error_reporting is working now as it should and there is a default implementation of a gateway module included.I hope you like it and find it useful. And as always I would like to hear from you if there are bugs or feature requests.Get it while it’s hot :-)Timo

sfAmfPlugin 1.3.0 released

5. May 2009 in AMF, doctrine, Flex, General, Symfony

Just want to inform you that my sfAmfPlugin for Symfony-Flex-Communication was released in version 1.3.0.

Most noticeable changes:

  • Fixing a bug with PHP Strict mode (thanks to Daniel Holmes for spotting this one)
  • Adding the possibility to store the services in all lib-folders of a project (app, module, project, plugins)
  • Fixing different bugs with AMF conversion of Doctrine objects (thanks to Patrick Schirch for bugging me about them)

I’m still working to get the Doctrine support better, there will be much more about this in the next version of the plugin. Class mapping is also a thing I want to improve a lot. So stay tuned and watch out for future versions :-)

German Symfony trainings

11. January 2009 in doctrine, Model, Propel, Symfony, workshop

Hello all,I just anounced the dates and locations for my german symfony trainings/workshops. The workshops take place in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin. Language of the workshops is german. 
You can find more information and prices at the following training-website
Maybe we can see us at one of these events :-)    

Flex with sfAmfPlugin part 2

25. August 2008 in doctrine, Flex, Model, Symfony

Today I released a new version of my sfAmfPlugin for the symfony Framework. Main focus of this release was the support of Doctrine. Now you can transfer Doctrine_Recordset- and Doctrine_Collections directly without mapping the values. As you can see in the following listing there is nothing to do for you to use this feature.

class HelloWorld extends sfAmfService {

  public function sayHello($message) {

    $result = Doctrine::getTable('Menu')->findAll();

    return $result;



So you can transfer your Doctrine classes directly to the Flex-Client.

You can find more information on the Plugin homepage.

I will keep on working on the plugin so stay tuned for upcoming changes :-)