Looking for help for CuteFlow V4 project

4. August 2011 in General

Last week I started to completly rewrite the open-source workflow management software CuteFlow (www.cuteflow.org). The new version 4 will be created with Symfony2 and will have a great feature set, helping you to create rule based workflows easily. The development take place on GitHub.

I will work on CuteFlow nearly fulltime the next weeks, so there is/will good progress. Nonetheless there are a lot of tasks to do, so every help is highly appreciated. If you want to join the project now is the time :) What I need most at the moment:

1.) Someone creating the infrastructure for the new documentation (Based on ReST and Sphinx). This means creating a documentation project and a automatic job that creates the documentation on the server with the sources from the GitHub repository
2.) Someone setting up a Continuous Integration using Sismo (prefered) or Jenkins
3.) Hosting: To get the things of 1+2 running I’m looking for a Hoster that sponsors the project with free hosting (vserver, PHP 5.3) and the domain.
4.) Helping with the new website (built with Silex, not online at the moment)
5.) Help with documentation writing (english)
6.) Translators for the software
7.) Developers (Need to know Symfony2)

If you need more information or want to help please mail on the CuteFlow-Dev-Mailinglist  or contact me directly via Timo.Haberkern@fantastic-bits.de

2 responses to Looking for help for CuteFlow V4 project

  1. Dear Sir, are you still working on the project?

  2. Not at the moment but it is not dead

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