First Sourcecode of TimeHive online

3. February 2011 in Symfony, TimeHive

I have been workign on a new open source project in the my sparetime of the last few weeks. TimeHive is a project timetracking solution written in Symfony. The sourcecode can be found at GitHub . At the moment there is no dedicated webpage for TimeHive, but I will setup one in the next few days. The installation has to be done manually at the moment (See README file).

Here are some teaser screenshots :)


Take a look at it. I appreciate every feedback (bug, patches, ideas…)


5 responses to First Sourcecode of TimeHive online

  1. This looks pretty nice, will be installing it on our dev server to try it out. Though, I was hoping it was Symfony2, not 1X.

  2. @Michael: Version 2 of TimeHive will be based on Symfony2. I have already done the first steps. But before that I will release 1.3.0 and create a proper homepage and an online demo…

  3. Hi, Timo!
    My question: when you planning to implement you timehive project using Symfony2 ? I’m very interested because current (existing) documentation for SF2 not so complete and understandable. I’d like to see the REAL project with authorization, roles, EVENTS (DI), SERVICES and so on…
    Thanks, ALex

  4. I have no exact date when I will start porting it to SF2. But if you are interessted in a SF2 project using this kind of features. Take a look at CuteFlow ( It is in Development but I work very actively on it.

  5. Ok, thanks a lot, Timo! Hope, this help me ))

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