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15. July 2009 in General

CuteFlow is an open source PHP workflow management system. The current version is written in plain PHP. The codebase is pretty old and pretty pretty pretty ugly for current PHP standards. We are at the beginning of a complete rewrite of the system with Symfony but still maintaining the old version. The most work is done by myself, so I can need any help I can get. If you are interessted in helping there are a lot of areas you can help.

  • New website with symfony (layout is ready)
  • Writing documentation
  • Creating Screencasts
  • Developing

If you are interessted send me a mail to timo.haberkern@fantastic-bits.de.

5 responses to Looking for help for CuteFlow

  1. I would like to help coding. feel free to send an email and tell how can i help you.

  2. That is great. i would like to contribute to this project. i can help in the development of the application.

  3. Hi Ameer,

    please contact me via email. I can’t send you one by myself, your email address seems to be wrong.


  4. Hello Timo,

    Your project looks interesting. I’m working on a workflow system for structured data, based on Symfony.
    I am currently working with ezcWorkflow. Can you tell me the relation of this package to your project?
    Coming days I’ll dive into the project and read some source.

    Hope to hear from you,

  5. I am interested to contribute this project. I am currently got the assignment to developed document circulation system. please let me know what i can do for this project. I am using netbeans as IDE. Please let me know how i can open this project in netbeans IDE and customize. Further definately i would like to contribute this project sure. I am very happy if there is facility to view PDF as attachment. further user should be able to create the OpenOffice document in the project and add as attachment using digital signature.

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