Flex with sfAmfPlugin part 2

25. August 2008 in doctrine, Flex, Model, Symfony

Today I released a new version of my sfAmfPlugin for the symfony Framework. Main focus of this release was the support of Doctrine. Now you can transfer Doctrine_Recordset- and Doctrine_Collections directly without mapping the values. As you can see in the following listing there is nothing to do for you to use this feature.

class HelloWorld extends sfAmfService {

  public function sayHello($message) {

    $result = Doctrine::getTable('Menu')->findAll();

    return $result;



So you can transfer your Doctrine classes directly to the Flex-Client.

You can find more information on the Plugin homepage.

I will keep on working on the plugin so stay tuned for upcoming changes :-)

15 responses to Flex with sfAmfPlugin part 2

  1. Hi, can you post a complete example?

  2. Hi,

    yes I can do so. But it will need some time to prepare this. Did you face any special problems?


  3. Thanks
    I don’t know where to start :)
    How i call the remoting service from Flash / Flex?

  4. I hope i can do this new article over the weekend :-)


  5. You should provide a complete example working. It’s lacking client side documentation. An example of Flex RemoteObject usage would be nice.

  6. Hi,

    I use this plugin(very usefull:D) but I have big trouble with class mapping.

    It’s possible to have an example too?

    Thanks a lot


  7. I’m looking forward for this article :)
    I’m also interested in integration Flex and Symfony.

  8. This is a really great plugin!
    As displayed on the symfony website its compatible to sf 1.1 only.
    Before i try it myself: Is there a problem with sf 1.2 ?

    As far as I can see, there should be anithing o.k..

    Anyway: Your Book is great and this plugin too.
    Keep on Working :-)

  9. Please please post some flex example…I’m getting crazy about it

  10. Hi,
    I am sorry to tell you that,after doing what you say above,when I run my project,I received an error message:
    RFC Fault faultString=”send failed” faultCode=”client.error.MessageSend” faultDetail=”Channel.Security.Error error Error”.

    Can you help me to fill the problem?
    I have followed the steps above.

  11. Hi,
    I tried to implement the sfAmfPlugin into my symfony project. Everything is clear, except when I try to debug through the “AmfPHP class browser” (http://myProject/amfphp/browser/index.html). I had to add the following lines at the begining of my class :
    require_once dirname(__FILE__).’/../../config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php’;
    ProjectConfiguration::getApplicationConfiguration(‘frontend’, ‘dev’, true);

    My problem is that I can’t use Doctrine into my functions => ‘There is no connection’ (or a message like it). I verify my database.yml : it’s ok.

    Thanks for your answers

  12. Does anyone have a working example?

    The way I’m dealing with it is returning a Doctrine collection from my PHP and on flex side make something like array = results[0].

    Not sure is the best way to deal with it.

  13. I have my example working I used this page http://www.symfony-zone.com/wordpress/2009/04/15/helloworld-example-with-flex-and-symfony/

    Does any one an example about transfering arrays from symfony to flex?

  14. sfAmfPlugin don’t works with doctrine 1.*, but with doctrine 2 works fine!

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