Developing Symfony with Eclipse

19. December 2007 in Symfony

UPDATE: This article is outdated. Please take a look at my more current one “How to build a great Eclipse-Environment for Symfony2-Development”

Using Windows and Eclipse is sometimes a pain if you develop symfony applications. Switching from Eclipse to console and back for simple tasks like clearing cache, adding new modules and so on. And even when in the console you must realize that the windows console sucks. I allways wish me back home to my MAC or Linux machine if I develop on work (windows).

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are four plugins that every eclipse developer needs if implementing symfony projects with eclipse:

1.) The PHP Plugin (PDT): The best free PHP Plugin for eclipse. If you can afford it, you can buy the Zend Neon development environment that is based on this plugin. You get the PDT under:

2.) The WicketShell-Plugin. Pretty usefull if you are working often with the symfony command-line tool. It allows you to use console commands from within the eclipse ide. It provides you with autocomplete of pathes and other useful things. You can get it from:


3.) The Symfoclipse-Plugin: Currently in Version 1.2.1 this is the first Symfony-Plugin for Eclipse. Some glitches and rough edges but pretty usefull. It allows you to run common commands like freeze, cc and so on for a symfony project. First support for YAML is also available. The plugin is available from:

4.) The Ruby Plugin: Irritated? What has Ruby to do with Symfony? Pretty easy: Both using YAML! And the Ruby plugin brings the best YAML-Editor so far for Eclipse. You get this plugin under:

That are my favorites but i’m open for new and useful plugins. Any ideas?

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  1. Thanks !

    The shell is nice but I have a developpment server so connect to local shell is not usefull for me. Maybe there is a plugin like putty ;)

    A other nice plugin is “Web Standard Tools” to edit XML, HTML, XHTML, XSD, DTD, XSLT, SVG, JavaScript/ECMAScript, CSS, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, WSIL files :
    There is autocompletion for css file.

  2. Hi,

    for SSH you may want to take a look at I doesn’t use it myself at the moment, but leave me a message if you find it useful


  3. Hello,

    I am trying to download these plug-ins on a existing installation of eclipse, and I could not find a download site for the Ruby Plug-in. On the Easy Eclipse site, I could only find a link to download their custom copy of eclipse which includes the Ruby plug-in plus others ? Do I use that eclipse or do you have another way, or suggest something else ? Would the RDT plug-in ( work instead ?



  4. Excellent tutorial to install all you need to develop properly for symfony framework :)

  5. Hi,

    I use Target Management Updates a plugin for Eclipse, that have a SSH terminal and a folder display of the files from the server integrated in the Remote System Explorer perspective from Eclipse

    It is available from here:

  6. Hi,
    your symfoclipse plug in link doesn’t work and I couldn’t find where I can get it. Could you give an alternative link for it please?

  7. Hi, all

    Instead of buying Zend Studio (over 400$) I recommend you to buy PhpStorm. It costs only 99$ and (in my opinion) its faster, more stable and has better support for Symfony than Eclipse PDT.


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