Symfony Day 2011 in Cologne (Slides)

25. October 2011 in General

Last week I attended the Symfony Day 2011 in cologne. The event was great and really well organized. I went there for the conference day at friday. From what I heared the thursday workshops were good. The conference place was pretty crowdy and packed. Over 250 Symfony people were attending.

The day was packed with sessions. Igor Wiedler was first with a nice introduction to the Silex framework. I already used Silex in a small project but nevertheless Igor was pretty inspiring and I’m more convinced that I will use the Framework for some use-cases in the future.

Next up was Marc Weistroff with a talk about developer habits and how to learn from the Symfony2 sourecode. The presentation was nice and there were some useful tidbits but I think it would have been more useful if there would have been more concrete examples.

The last session before the lunch break was held by Stefan Koopmanschap and Christian Schäfer. Their talk about “Catching Opportunities with Open Source” was pretty well prepared (maybe the best prepared at the Symfony Day). The presentation style was fluid, humorous and it was totally motivating. Even if it was not directly Symfony-related there was so much of what you can learn from the two speakers own experience with open-source that it was the right descission to place such a talk at the Symfony-Day.

After the lunch break the sessions got more technical. The frist one was about the Sonata Admin Bundle. This was the session I was looking forward to. I know Thomas Rabaix did a wonderful job with the Admin-Bundle and I havn’t used it except in a small demo which didn’t scratched the surface. So I was eager to hear more about it. Sorry to say the talk doesn’t held up with my expectations. There was to much in detail informations, up to no overview on whats possible or some examples.

Next up was Hugo Hamon with its talk about how to create command-line applications/scripts with Symfony2 and the Console Symfony Component. The talk was really informative, nicely prepared and well presented.

The last session came from Richartd Miller who blogged a lot about Symfony2 and Dependency Injection in the last months. His talk about DI was a pretty good introduction to the topic. Interesstingly Richard was the only native english speaker of the speakers but the one I had most difficulties to understand :)

The highlight of the day was the Keynote held by Fabien Potencier. Showing his understanding of what Symfony2 is and whats not. His view on MVC, Symfony components was enlightend. He showed the new profiling capabilities of Symfony 2.1 too.

Next year the Symfony Day will become Symfony Live and will be located in Berlin. I hope I will find more time to attend the workshops and the hack-day.

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